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Originally Posted by Greylocks
Filming is one thing, but milsim CQB? That probably wont go down too well.
Hahaha love the way that was stated.

But yeah, with schools in the middle of the city, I'd say forget it and look for something on the outskirts of town.

Even go to your closest low populated town (I live in Brantford, So something like Paris)
You could probably find some building/wearhouse/school/church/scary medieval castle of doom. That you'd have a better chance of getting your hands on.

Than in a more populated area, that has a lot more to deal with (governing wise)

Me and my friend have been contimplating organising a game like this for a long time.

It's just a matter of a lot talking, phone calls and money.

Another good thing to look into would be quarries, that are "abandonned" or not in use, find some numbers make some calls.

I know theres a few around Brantford here that I may look into for a pretty good scenario. (Nice and out of the public eye as well)

But for the love of God or whatever, make sure you get all the paperwork done, and cover all the angles before even charging your batteries for a game of this nature. It's nothing like going to FR to play, you gotta really make sure your not gonna end up with the game ending abruptly with the E.R.T showing up.

But yes I'd really love to hear what the guys did with the hall pass game.

(As in speaking with the local authorities etc...)

Because it is somewhat awkward walking into your local police station saying you want to run a CQB milsim airsoft game in a highschool.

I couldn't see that going over too too well. There's probably a better way of approaching this sort of situation that may work out to your advantage... If anyone has any tips with that, (from experience) please share.
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