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Having cops sit outside WILL attract jackasses.

Cops are jackass magnets.

"OMFG!!1111 T43R3 1$ $0|\/|3T41|\|9 $(_)p3r 1337 (_)p 1|\| d@ $k001!!!111"
Oh my! There is something supper awesome happening in the school!

Hey, what's that kid doing?
Ah, nothing, just taking a peek. Nothing wrong with that

"OMFG!!!111 t3y 4@\/3 $(_)p3r 1337 9(_)|\|$!!!!111111"
Oh my! They have super awesome guns!

What are they screaming about? Kids.
Hey wait... where are they going, ah, just going home.

"OMFG!!!!1111 1 90t$ 2 90 93t$ d@d1e'$ $(_)p3r 1337 $40t9(_)|\|!!!!1111"
Oh my! I have to go get my father's super awesome shotgun!

And on, school shootout, etc, kids get shot while trying to save the world from airsofters and show them their dad's gun is better, etc, police gets shot at, bad media, etc.

I would go on, but I can't type leet anymore.... that took me a HALF HOUR.

EDIT - I can't read it either, don't feel bad - or proud. I'll translate... It is a bad story/example, because I cut it down. It's hard to type like that. Basically saying that the kids are following a bad example, because they are uninformed of the situation and are attracted to it by the police. Just like a car accident or a drunk getting arrested.

If they don't know what's happening, worst case situation, they could try to become a super 1337 vigalanty, just like the movies.

Gato, Awesome idea. That would definately be good. Even if he just sat outside in his car accross the street watching traffic and the building. As long as the guy isn't patrolling....

Anyway, I am in no way against this. I think if it could be found, a place, it would be awesome. As long as teachers/key holders were informed, it could be a great day.
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