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Originally Posted by Black_Orchid
Somehow I doubt that it will be allowed unless these schools are on the outskirts of the city away from public eye. I can't imagine they would allow it if the schools are in a fairly populated area. I agree with Penguin and Kanyon too...Can you imagine how bad it would be for us if people who pass by the school just happen to glance in through a wondow and see people running around with guns...guns in a school...The media would be on that in a second regardless of approval or not!

But hey, if there's absolutely no chance of shit hitting the fan, Let me know!!
thats a good point. i guess wed have to have a ready room like the locker rooms, where you dress in the school, and undress before you leave. keep it indoors and keep the blinds drawn. have the doors locked so no one can enter. mark all doors that lead to an exit so no one exits accidentally.
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