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why not just take the golf cart, get a gasoline engine in it so it has some power, and restructure it to look like a half-track? Then get a good tucker turrent on top for a SAW or 60 long barrel.

I want to do two things... I want to do a dune buggy set up like they used in the first gulf war. The one with the SAW mounted for the side passenger seat and a M60 for the guy in the back.

The other thing is find a hippe van, you know those Volks Wagon ones. And make an war-wangon. I really want to do a tucker turret, where you have the foot petals and it spins you around. But no one makes a Browning .50 in airsoft yet -.-. Then have mounts and slots for people to be able to fire out the back and have a SAW on the front and at the back.... but money... always money....
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