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Originally Posted by Russianboy
In the US there called 4 wheelers.

It's just funny you call them that.
Lol, you funny americans. 4-Wheelers? That could apply to any vehicle with 4 wheels? THis is a quad bike:

Now that one is 110cc, they go up to about 500cc. The better ones u get the more power the give. They are intended for speed but you could adjust the gear ratios to give more torque and slower speeds which is what a tank has. As a tank u don't really want it going faster than 25mph, some of those can go up to 60pmh though. They also have a strong roll-cage chasis so if it does god forbid tip over you stand a good chance of surviving. Retrofit one of those with some MDF or Plywood panels, those fancy triangular tracks in the previous post and slap a minimi on top and you've got a pretty authentic Airsoft tank.
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