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Originally Posted by Gerkraz
You can have simulated anti-tank weapons.

Much like airsoft is about people being honorable and calling their hits, you could use the same system for a tank.

Make a prop bazooka or something and put a laser pointer inside.
Use a NERF gun.
Allow people to carry "C4" (if they touch the tank, it's destroyed)

Make it so that in order to destroy the tank you have to hit key points, not just anywhere. It'll make it a little more challenging to destroy that way.

There are many ways to make this work, you just need to be a little creative.
Theres alot of safety aspects too though arent there, imagine how easily you could slip under the tracks and be crushed whilst trying to attach and 'sticky C4' bomb to it without the driver realising. I doubt any site would let you use it to be honest. Not unless it was totally stationary - in which case it would be more like a big steel gun emplacement than a tank.

Other thing with simulated weapons is, a BB pelllet can be felt by a person, even if it hits you on the webbing. But how would the driver of a tank with a crew of lets say 3 know he'd been hit? - Hes behind 2-6" of steel, he isnt going to hear or feel a small foam projectile hit the tank. Could be very tricky, though im sure theres way's round it (like with lasers or something that would trip an alarm inside the tank to let the driver know he'd been hit) like in laserQUEST style.
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