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Originally Posted by Russianboy
Im for real. Not a garbage can. Im talking motorized vehicle.
It could easily be done, either a go cart or quad bike could be retro fitted with metal or even plastic panels to resemble a tank. Alternativley an old tank could have a large M60 placed in its barrel, or some kind of foam projectile firing device.

But the problem is this, how would it work in the game? As in airsoft we have no anti-tank weapons, no artillery, no helicopter or aerial support at all it would be impossible as it currently stands - how would the tank be destroyed? Not to mention the safety aspects of practising airsoft around a tank - real soldiers get accidentally crushed by them, an airsofter easily could to.

But thats not to say one day it wont be done, i guess the tuth of the mater is you would need at least 2 of them to make it work - so that both sides could have one and the infantry would need some kind of foam projectile firing anti-tank device (one of these has been made by an airsofter but is illegal pretty much everywhere in Europe and Asia.) Another concept would be a sort of 'giant' paint ball gun. That could be used to identify if the tank had been hit.

The main problem is tanks cant really integrate into airsoft necause a BB rifle had a maximum effective range at between 35 and 50 meters for most people, at those distances an infantry player could easily sneak up and 'bomb' the tank without the tank seeing them. Unlike in real life where tank support can often mean success or failure i suspect the airosft tank would be a giant slow moving, easily destroyed burden on the team it was attached with.
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