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Ok, First off,'re an idiot. Apparently my entire post (stated as simply as I possibly could) went right over your head. please stop typing things, you're giving me a headache.

second, Lisa...I agree with the darwinism thing, but it still affects all of us in the end.

And thirdly, thank you Grim Fandango, for being one of the few with a good point. As you said there are many people in the airsoft community doing some very good and effective things to protect our beloved sport. I just think all of us (soccer moms and airsofters alike) need to look a little deeper into these issues than just plain stupidity.

If what I'm saying has absolutely nothing to do with the problems that are occuring much more often than we'd like, than so be it, maybe I'm wrong. But if I'm not, is it not even worth so much as a second thought?
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