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Well Fluffly, I got one question for you, should we make it easier for any joe blow to get a drivers license? Because some kids do steal their parents car. Maybe we should get the Soccer moms after the government to ban personally owned vehicles?

Fluff, what I really don't get is how someone who says, "I don't care if minors play the sport." Says two lines down "If we could guarantee shomehow that a minor would never even lay eyes on an Airsoft gun, I would propbably be happier than most of you even." I don't get that, its a bit of a flip flop aint it? I mean first you say, "Sure let them play, then you say "No don't even let em know it exists."

The problem I see with the logic of "THINK about the reasons why this kid/kids did what tehy did." is going to be the same ill logic that never really got put into motion following the Columbine incident. Where kids went into the school with the guns and pipe bombs to kill people. No on really looked into why those kids did it, the focus was on the victums of that incident instead of the victums of YEARS or incidents that built up to that one. There was a report that said that beer bottles were thrown at them on their way into the school that day and the evidence was there was broken beer bottle glass in their trench coat pockets.

Its too much of an aftermath thing Fluffy, its like waiting for the Hurricane to come before boarding up the windows. I know you're not trying to argue here, but all I'm saying is, the best possible action we can do as a community is to just keep them out until they're old enough to be more trustworthy. Like the drivers license or voting examples I've used. And I really think arming these kids and showing em the ins and outs of the sport/game isn't going to help with the Soccer moms neighter, since more kids will have the ability to get the guns in the first place.
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