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This is really getting frustrating.

Every one of you who has so far tried to argue against me has been giving reasons for why minors can't play. And those with out any reasons have just been saying "because that's the rules". I honestly don't know how I can get this across to you all any simpler.

I don't care if minors play. If you don't want to let them play fine, then don't. It doesn't hinder me in the slightest. I'm not a minor, I don't know any who want to play where they can't. And to be honest I'm not even some 'nice guy' who just believes in being fair. Personally I can't stand kids, I've never been able to even when I was one, so if we could guarantee somehow that a minor would never even lay eyes on an Airsoft gun, I would probably be happier than most of you even. I've said countless times already I'm not trying to change anyone's mind on that issue, and I never have. I just want you all to think about what I'm saying.

Here is it as simply as I can possibly put it.

Because of the things we do and the rules we have (even though it may be indirectly and unintentional. The rules are there for GOOD reason), minors may see no other option than to break the rules that we and the law have laid in place. Now there may be nothing we can do about that, if not...fine! But the next time you hear about a kid getting shot while playing in a park or some other stupid thing, rather than just chalking it up to the stupidity of youth, actually THINK about the reasons why this kid/kids did what they did. That's all I ask.

Is that a little easier and more straight forward now?

The easiest way for soccer moms to get airsoft banned, is if we turn a blind eye and do nothing.
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