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Originally Posted by Gerkraz
Unplugging the battery charger.

The plus was under a couch, which wasn't too much of a squeeze, but I had difficulty getting it out. As soon as I got it out a little, I thought I'd put my fingers under it for the final pull. My fingers made contact with the actual plug while it was still electrified, and I got quite a zap.

Major laughs all around.
The NPT Charger, from or like the ones from BB Bastard?

The plugs on those are horrible for sticking....

Anyway, worst mistake I ever made was taking a 9.6v crap-ass RC battery, cutting out a cell and taping it all up.

I mean, it worked OK and gave me about 8 BB/second, which is very low, but it shot....

...until I got out for the first time. I likely shot 50 shots before it just died.

Though, I did get a kick-ass springer kill! That was the highlight of the night.

Lesson learned, buy a good battery.

The Springer Story

I was behind a shed of some sort at the beginning of the game... when it started I peaked out and raised my rifle to shoot...
The battery went bad again, I decocked it (ICS) and tried again, it would not turn over. I set the gun against a tree and take out a clear springer, the Walmart kind, then I look out again... I see the guy I was shooting at was hit.
I slowly peak out from behind the shed and see the remaining guy left, with a TM AK behind a tree not far away, I was in his sites.
After going around the shed to try and find a good place, I see a small plastic box type thing, maybe a breaker box... it was about 3 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide... but it was between the him and me.
I slowly crept towards it, knowing well that he knew where I was.
Ping Ping! Shots bounced off the shed and I ducked my head, moving slowly towards it, then as I come nearer... he moves to the left and I move to the right to again block his shot. Then as I approch the box it shakes and I hit the ground as a rain of fire falls apon it.
It stopped, I popped my head up and shot, he was no more than 25 feet from me, I missed. I ducked down again after shots rang out.
It stopped again and I stuck my gun up, 'Pop!'

He called his hit and I stood... I had beaten him... though I was using a Walmart springer and only had 5 shots, I took two and hit him... he was standing there shocked, as was the other that had went down before. He had an TM AEG, I a Daisy springer, the bastard child of Crosman, yet I had won....
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