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Hey Droc, I got a question for you, because I know Fluffy and nizfiz won't get it.

Are these paintball fields and indoor lazer tag arena's private property with a comercial license? I mean, if you owned a jean store, wouldn't you have the right to turn away customers? Not that it'd be great for business, but as a free Canadian citizen you have the right to not do business with someone if you don't want too right? So why the hell would it make a difference if it was a paintball field or someones back yard like the Foxden or the LZ?

Of course I agree 100% here with Droc. There is a problem with minors owning these guns, a big one. And for another fun fact, anyone under 18 is not permitted to own a REAL fire arm. For you to use one going huntin' with gramps or your dad you gotta go through a bunch of hoolla hoops and training courses just to get a peice of paper that says your "mature" or "stable" enough to be trusted to "share" a rifle/shotgun with someone on a hunt.

And Fluffy, if you REALLY want to call prejudice here on saying we don't accept minors. And that its against the law in Canada to do that? Well then go look at ANY government applied law, because according to you there is alot of prejudice there just in age. Like, can't vote till 18, can't go for your drivers license till 16, can't buy smokes till 18, can't drink till 19 in some provinces 18 in the rest. Seriously, take a look around you. There are laws in place for, and read carefully, SAFETY! We can't let any 12 year old get a drivers license because he/she's grew up on a farm and knows more about driving than some racecar dricers. Nor can we start letting every 15-16 year old start voting because if you go look at some of these protesters down on parliment hill, like here's my favorite, "FREE TIBET" I've seen so many of those damn protests, but you know what really gets me? Some of em are wearing clothes that have "MADE IN CHINA" or listening to CD players and other stuff that says "MADE IN CHINA." And then a week later you see them protesting "Stop the wars." Well, you can't free Tibet with out going in and taking Tibet from China, OR you could boycott their trade till they agree to free them, but those protesters are already not doing that so. Yeah, we gotta have a set "Maturity" and "Stable" standard before we start letting people vote. And drinking, I know there is tonnes of underage drinking, my grandfather owned a bar, I drank underage. I was only allowed to drink so much and not allowed to drink behind my parents back. As long as they knew where I was and they were in control of it they were fine. Its still illegal I know, but I'm not a drunk, and I don't like very many alcohols. But let's take away that 18 and 19 age limit and let 12 year olds into it! While were at it, lets legalise marijuanna, and crack cocaine.

Fluffy, the point to the rant here is simple. It is NOT prejudice to set limits and guidlines. Because right now the issue is safety. Beleive it or not but most 12 year olds are not physically build or matured ((physically)) to run around in commando gear. Loose equipment can cause you to trip and fall. This can cause many injuries and I really don't want to see ambulances pulling up where there are huge stashes of guns and bb ammo. The media would blow a big fat load all over that!

Nizfiz, if you're going for range and accuracy of an M4A1, go with an M4A1!! You can get all the accessories you want and you're not monkeying around jury-rigging stuff that breaks mid-game. The P90 is a great QCB gun as Droc said, because that's exactly what it was designed for. This is an SMG its not a rifle, and its not a Large Maching Gun, its a small one designed for clearing rooms, not feilds. The only benifit you'd find for infeild action with real steal versus an M4 and a P90, is that the P90 would be lighter overall, because of its small ammo. But the M4 would stack up quick against it in range and stopping power. So decide what and where you want to use your gun, so that you can play with it stock until you can decide if the gun is comfortable to you before you stick $500+ of upgrades into it only to have it on the "Forsale" section of the forums because you found that its not the most comfortable gun. Like I love the look of the G36, but just holding one the other day I could see quickly that I'd not be comfortable with one for long periods of play, just wasn't user friendly to me. ((Not to say the G36 is a bad gun here, just an example of get a feel for the gun you want)).
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