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Originally Posted by nizfiz
Droc, please don't get me wrong. I can understand why you would. I will not break the rules. I'm just saying why I think some might/do. I think most of the rules in airsoft are very reasonable. I understand the liability issue. If I can't play at LZ well then too bad, I'll wait. I can play at foxden though and I don't plan on messing that up by doing something dumb, why would I. The whole tactical part of airsoft is what fascinates me. I don't want to be stuck with no place to play.

As for coming back here and asking about which gun to buy and upgrades. I've got it covered... I've used the search function extensively and have found every bit of info I need on the p90, its upgrades, issues, fixes etc.
No, I understand. Its a harsh reality. If I was a minor, Id sure as hell want to play airsoft too. Its frustrating when we have to replay this thread every week or so.

BTW, P90, not a great field gun for ottawa. Great for CQB, but the weird mag makes gear hard to find, the lack of a good hicap makes foxden game difficult, and being short, isnt all that great for open fields like the LZ.