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seeing as it the central hub to airsoft in canada....with a fantastic classified section and more info then you could shake a bag of dead kittens at.
There are thousands of people here who all play by the rules and work with the community, but if you arnt one of those, then sure, you can ditch it.

though I have a feeling we'll see a thread "ohhh, what gun should i buy" or "i need upgrade help"

as much of a bitch as ASC can be, it is extremely useful.

but you keep inplying that are rules are the reason for people your age doing stupid things. Ha!

Seeing as your what? Ottawa. With 2 fields, both that I hit for almost every game. LZ is invite only and +18 enforced. An extremely well built field with a fantastic players group.
Foxden, a great field, but you dont play your cards right and you'll find yourself a backyard funboy. Foxtail takes age very seriously.