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Originally Posted by AnusLicker
Originally Posted by SniperChic
Originally Posted by FOX_111

When I'm sniping and I'm discovered, I prefer to run and set up an ambush somewhere else to nail the guys running at me. Or just get the hell out of the erea and come back later.
Thats exactly what I do, once my position is comprimised, I get the hell out of there, relocate and set up an ambush, and nine outta ten times, the section dont come chasing me. Once I dissapear into the woods, ive got my sights on whoever passes by me.
Hey, SC, you left out the part where you have to go back and pick up your rifle......haha, too funny.....I'll remember that for the rest of my life (and I think I'll have to bring it up on a semi-annual basis to remind everybody else, j/k).
Ya that too.......lesson learned......dont abandon your sniper rifle and go back to get it....

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