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Originally Posted by Snake Eyes
Originally Posted by VipaMave
Just a general question to anyone:

Has anyone ever accidentally stepped on a sniper in ghillie during a game?

That is something not new to me....I have been stepped on several ocasions, and on one ocasion surrounded by an entire OPFOR team, with some members coming as close as 2 feet from me........oh some members where on the lookout for me.....but failed to locate me.....and I was simply sitting down with my legs crossed under a tree with my back (ghillied up) facing away from the tree. I didnt take any OFOR out, but gathered very crucial intel for the team leader, and later managed to hold down a even just armed with a BA, you can still do some "damage".....its how the team leader effectively employs his snipers and how those snipers apply thier is not the gun that makes you a soldier it is how you employ the tactics you have learned that makes you one......and yes the better the equipmnent you have the better, but you can have a stock gun and still be more effective than one that has an upgraded AEG, it all comes down to how you execute the tactics....

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