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Originally Posted by ToRN
Slick (I think it was slick) got a very nasty surprise when he was walking through the bush at Deadlands/DragonOps, whatever you want to call it now.

He heard something below him (under his foot) and looked down, to see a mk23 pointed at his forhead, he had quite literally steped on SnakeEyes, and he got mercied for it. (if I remember correctly, he was following someone else, who steped on Snake first, and though it was a log, and kept going, making Slick the poor bastard who 'got it' because Snake didn't want to reveal his position to him, when he mercied the first guy right in front of him.
nope, it was 2 diferent occassions, wut happened was slick n his team opened up on us n i dove for cover while my fire team got away. slick n his guys sprayed my position but the bush was too thick.
slick advaned to find me laying on my back, socom in his face, we called it a double mercy but fudge did they scare the shlit out of me.

the other was a group in fleck ran across my flant n a heavy guy in fleck who was on six, stepped on my leg n stop for a breif second then took off again
with his fire team. that hurt but yup, i didnt move or mercy any of them, i would of been pasted.

i guess im ok with being a sneaky bastard (at 6'1"). but man do i luv ambushing suckers.

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