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Originally Posted by nizfiz
I'm not here to start a fight again but just to say that you can join the Armed Forces at 16 with parental consent, the reserves anyway. You get to handle real firearms, grenades... the whole bit. Also, milsim is just that, a simulation, as in not the real thing, people won't die.

First off, wow, you're going to compare enlistment to a game/sport? And when you go onto these training fields, what happens when you fuck up? What happens if the muzzle of your rifle comes ANYWHERE near pointing at someone else on the firing range? I can tell you that this game and being a reservist has really not very much more than the gun incommon.

We're not babysitters, ((and this is where more wow's are going to come in because I agree 100% with Droc here)). Club owners are like anyone else in this country who should have the right to say yes or no to any club rules they like. Look it, until recently and a un-free vote in the house of commons, gay marriage was not legal because it was against the club house rules of the christian church ((NO I AM NOT GETTING INTO RELIGION THIS IS AN EXAMPLE)). So now you're telling us that WE have to change our rules to suit your niche of people? Nope, not gonna happen.

And someone was trying to say that insurance is moot ((I'm assuming moot means nada, zilch, nothing, which I think Lawdog confirmed for me saying that its not moot so...))... Insurance is a big thing in Canada, if you don't got it, you're in shit and lots of it too. And you really got to think about that when you're saying that someone else's home, car, and life is worthless. Because that's what any of you as a minor are risking these people if the cops show up in a bitchy mood because Timmy Hoe's didn't open up on time.

I agree with Droc on this 100% as I stated before and would like to see the sale of them to minors stop 100%. I also wonder if any of these said Feilds that let minors play actually rent out guns to them?

Oh, and to any of you minors that don't like it but have your own gun. Well when you show up to a local field here, you HAVE to let me use your gun or anyone else that asks. Yep, if you think that feild owners should have no choice in who should be allowed on their feild, you should have no choice in who touches, uses, wears and tears any belongings your bring to the feild. That sound fair? Cause if it don't I really hope you understand what I'm saying here.
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