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Clubs can turn away whoever they want. There is more to minors then just being underage and owning a gun, there is maturity and comfort levels...Mostly though, its the guns. The fact that they DO find ways to get guns, is a problem. We dont want guns in the hands of minors. Its simply not right. Its risky and its a bad image overall.

And your totally correct, most clubs are trying to "force" kids to stay away from airsoft. The key word being "kids". They don't want them there for the hundreds of reasons listed in this thread.

Obiously, you havent been to many games yet. There is no guy behind the desk of the venue. Airsoft clubs are for the most part, played on private property. Most well-established fields are on someones back property. Most owners play. Its their land, plain and simple. They do care. And if you have a well-established players group who doesnt want minors, then typically its in the owners best intrest to keep his regulars happy.

But dude, you gotta check to see if things are rattling around properly in that melon of yours. Saying that its our fault that minors do stupid things because we dont let them on our simply retarded.
So if I shoot a real-steel handgun at a gun club here in Ottawa, and I end up screwing the owners wife, he kicks me outta his shooting club, does that encourage me to act in an uninformed and stupid manner?
We do everything we can to encourage proper behaviour. The rules are here. But if a minor doesnt like the rules and side-steps them, thats their fault. We didnt encouage that.

If I tell nizfiz here not to play airsoft untill hes of-age, im not encouraging him "do it anyways" if he doesnt want to do what we recommend, and decides to go out and do it anyways, then thats his fault, not mine. Im not forcing him to act stupidly. saying its ok to act stupidly simple because he cant play at our field is retarded.