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Originally Posted by Lawdog

I see what you are getting at. However, none of the "underaged rights" folks seem to be able to answer the question: "Why should a rational adult risk his house/car/income to allow minors to play?"

PS- the insurance question is never moot.

Fair enough, insurance I will definitely agree is not moot, however when the venue allows for underage people to play, but some of the clubs using the venue don't, it just seems that the insurance aspect doesn't play as large a roll as it would elsewhere.

I must also add that I am speaking with regards to the knowledge from only my local clubs and venues (not to give them a bad name). Many of you continue to argue points that I see as different from my actual question here.

Why is it that when the venue allows for underage people to play, they have parental consent, and will obviously find a way to obtain AEG/GBB's. That the individual clubs will still refuse to let them play?

It just seems to me that clubs that are trying to 'force' kids to stay away from airsoft for a few years are (indirectly) encouraging them to act in an uninformed and stupid manner. Especially when the only thing stopping this kid from playing is the one guy (and/or his buddies) that stand up before a game and dictate what's ok and what isn't, including the fact that minors can't play for 'ANY' reason. Even though the guy behind the desk/counter (of the venue) couldn't care less?
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