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I will admit to saying that people my age are morons (im 17 by the way) and I actually agree with what most of the adults are trying to say. If a place allows you to play under 18 then just act mature enough to allow the others in the future to be able to play under 18.

As well Airsoft is a Milsim game and the last time I checked 99.99% of all armed forces are 18+, so if some one says why cant I play under 18? ans: well you cant join the army, so why can you play a spin off mil sport.

I did however start at the age of 16 and I have been invited to play with clubs that have really strict age requirements just because of the maturity I have shown on the field. I to just last week got my first gun. Ive been part of this sport for 10 months, and it has treated me very well. And to say the least I really like alot of what greylocks posts for noobs because the best thing you can do is wait read and learn, and when you get the chance to prove maturity take it. Unlike playing in a park with no protection in the middle of the day, or waving a can tire pistol in front of a police station. The second one I have seen happen twice and that is why this sport needs a little protection from the morons.
sorry for making this long and hopefully this made sense.
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