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Originally Posted by ^Hyperion^
very interesting point of view , i'll keep that in mind for sure. I have one full summer to actually get myself used to the sniper role , reading , viewing VHS and , of course , playing. I'll study pretty much everyday and will form myself to be a sniper first but then try to be a good anti-sniper since this role attracts me a lot more.
This might seem like a strange suggestion and people are free to disagree, but try playing snipers in some good FPS, especially ones with a good sniper system. I got a fairly good appreciation of sniping/counter-sniping from primarily playing a sniper on most FPS, particularly from my Tribes days. Them light armour was as fragile as glass and to avoid enemy detection I'd often walk or skim-ski most of the way to the enemy base on the most absurdly long but concealed routes possible. Depending on the server's mod, firing off my sniper rifle kills my ability to run away and can yell to half the map where I am, so it was really one-shot, one-kill, or some getting an explosive root canal. Also taught me a fair bit on the importance situational awareness, especially for other snipers; they're often no more than a few out-of-place pixels, but those few out of place pixels might have you in their sights. Like people have said, snipers have only two real natural enemies: other snipers, and being stepped (or more unfortunately, peed) on.

It's not airsoft sniping but it should at least start you down the right path.
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