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Originally Posted by FOX_111
minimum engagement distance depend on your rifle. a typical M24 upgraded to 450fps is about 75-100 feets minimum. engagement range extend to 200-300 feets with compensation.

More can be obtained with good conditions and skills mixed with luck.

Don't think hollywood when you think about that role. Counter sniping is done by anyone willing to do it.

IMO, it's best done with other sniper or a bunch of people with heavy fire support like tanks and artillery.

In airsoft, Stalker and his pals, running around tossing frag grenade is a damn good sniper deterrant. :-D
Stalker, when not around his pals, is enough of a deterant to snipers, not that those on the opposing teams really play a true sniper role. My being skilled in hte way of the sniper is a tool, yes, have a full effective ghillie, but the times that the ghillie can be used is few & far between. But the ghillie doesn't make the sniper, the sniper is with whatever he has on him. I lug my 16lb M24 around with me 95% or the time, and when I can get into a position to raise hell on unsuspecting woodland guys, I don't NEED a ghillie to sneak in to take them out. Snipers tend to be highly skilled in camo, and can be effective with whatever camo they decide to use, and use the role for the benefit of the team they are on. I may stalk and get 90% of my kills with my MP5, but when I can take a safe shot with my M24, I'll do it. If it's best I harrass guys in a base we are attacking, I'll unload my sniper rifle at them and play psych games. If it's a long, important game, and recce is needed, I'll put on my ghillie and go sit close to radio info back to base. Airsoft snipers is a pretty boring and useless role 75% of the time, but when it can be fully used, it can make of break the vicoty of the team that has that asset.

Only way to be a good counter-sniper is to be a good sniper to begin with, camo, observation, understanding, ballistics, etc. all comes with airsoft sniping. No one can train you to be a counter sniper, period. You have to learn to be a sniper first, then use that knowledge to be a counter sniper.
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