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Originally Posted by mr.ptrap
I got 2 "events"

It wasnt airsoft but 1 of those 4.5 mm pellet air-rifles.
My air rifle is a Beeman 1041 at 490FPS.
Both times I was shooting at paper target, with a wooden wall in the back behind it.
The first time the round ricoched and hit me in the ankle (not serious damage)
The second time a round again ricoched but this time it whiiiiized by my ear.
I was lucky. The sound it made was awsome though (ziiiiiiiip)
Same here, I was loadin' up my crosman .177s (410 fps 8-Shot) for akimbo at all the blackbirds at the lake house. My cousin walked up behind me and shot me in the back wiht one at point blank and I hopped the rail into the lake with new shoes, a new watch, and no extra clothes left. 8O

Then there was the time I was playin paintball, and I was shootin around a corner and a girl in my youthgroup FFed me point blank in the back of the head, and these guns were shootin' 330 fps, so yeah.. I was ketchin' stars on the sideline for half an hour. :smack:

and when I was tryin to unjam an old springer of mine I had cocked it and shot it at the wall an it ricocheted of the wall and squared me in the head of my pecker, and I was wearin' just boxers, cause if was late... it's still sensitive to this day. ops:

Oh and a real steel: didn't hold the old M1911A1 tight enough... got bad hammer bite...REEEAAALLL BBBAAADDD!!! Lesson learned: dont shoot a .45 with one hand unless you are a champion bodybuilder.
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