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Originally Posted by Fluffy
Originally Posted by Droc
incidents like the kid getting shot at his school in the US because he was usin a GBB to threaten police...not to mention, in bowmanville(near toronto), just a few months ago there was a GBB incident at a school.
We can all find piles of reason for underagers not to play.
Many of you are not understanding what I'm trying to say here.

first off, insurance is a moot point. Personally I think that would be up to the venue not the club to have correct? Where I play our club/s don't allow for minors to play with us, but the same venue where we play allows one night every two weeks for a club comprising of all people under age. (I think the organizer is the oldest at 16.

Second, what do either of those incedents that Droc spoke of have to do with letting underage people play the game? They have to do with stupid kids who have already aquired guns, it is completely irrelevant if they play in a club once a week or not. If anything the other members of the club would have instructed them of the dangers of these actions.

All I was saying from the very beginning is that if we turn away kids who already have guns, they WILL find other places to use them. Which is the whole problem!

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
I see what you are getting at. However, none of the "underaged rights" folks seem to be able to answer the question: "Why should a rational adult risk his house/car/income to allow minors to play?"

PS- the insurance question is never moot.

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