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10. (1) For the purposes of section 39 of the Act, an individual shall declare a replica firearm that they are exporting either in writing or orally.
(2) The individual shall declare a replica firearm by providing the following information:
(a) the individual's name, address and telephone number; and
(b) a description of each type of replica firearm and the quantity being exported.

It says nothing about not being able to export a replica. However a detained firearm can only be disposed of in the following manner.

14. (1) For the purposes of subsections 40(3) and (6) of the Act, a customs officer shall dispose of a detained or forfeited firearm in the following manner:
(a) by offering the firearm to the chief firearms officer of the province in which the firearm was detained or forfeited or, if refused, to the Registrar, for destruction, or for any scientific, research or educational purpose, or for its preservation as a historical firearm, but in no case shall they be sold; or
(b) if the persons referred to in paragraph (a) both refuse the firearm, by having the firearm destroyed.
(2) Before disposing of a firearm, a customs officer shall advise the Registrar of the firearm detained or forfeited and of the proposed manner of its disposal.

Found this as well.
39. An individual may export a replica firearm if he or she declares the replica firearm to a customs officer in the prescribed manner.
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