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Originally Posted by Goldman
I would say many of the conflicts are resolved due to locks or non-editability, since most every disput begins with a mod locking the thread.
Going back to back Yuxi said, every dispute begins with one person carrying out a plan to shaft someone else. When a mod locks a thread, it is in response to a dispute already underway, not the point of initiation.

Personally, if someone wanted to scam, I'd imagine they'd be better off simply going AWOL with the money than engage in a battle of he-says-she-says, especially since doing so more than once under the same account probably wouldn't work (that's why we have our rating system).

Not that I'm saying what you're suggesting can't happen, Goldman. Locking the thread as the routine precedure is obviously in part due to what you're warning people about. I'm just not sure if it's as big a problem as you suggest.
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