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incidents like the kid getting shot at his school in the US because he was usin a GBB to threaten police...not to mention, in bowmanville(near toronto), just a few months ago there was a GBB incident at a school.
We can all find piles of reason for underagers not to play.
But we get undragers comming here and wanting guns..when we say no, they mouth off and go buy one from a retailer.
I dont mind minors. One of the best people I play on the field with is a minor, but he came, read and earned respect. he didnt argue the rules. He proved himself and now buys and sells(and plays) regularly.

Id like to see retailers stick to the +18 more strickly. Minors can get guns, and they can get them here. earn the respect of people here and have someone sponsor them and buy stuff for them over ASC where it can be monitored.