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Originally Posted by Yuxi
Originally Posted by Goldman
Originally Posted by Yuxi
I edit my ad many times, sometimes a few times a day, but I do not bump it until the time to bump has come.

Posting just to say 'update' is a bump. The entire concept of the bump is to bring your post to the top of the page, any time a post is made it will bring the entire thread to the top, hence, any new post is a bump.

While it is accetable to all for someone else to post while bringing your ad to the top (as long as it is not scam and they are a actually interested party in the item your selling), it certainly is bumping if you do it yourself.
When I say update, I dont mean a post like this:


And an edited post. I mean something more like this:


At a game this weekend, two high-caps wer eborken, and as such they have been removed from the package. The price has been lowered to$XXX"
If a new post was made then it was bumped.

This information can be added to the bottom of the first post, hence, a non bumping update.
Yes, but you lose the initial integrity of the post, as no one knows what changes are made during the edit. It relies solely one the honesty of the seller.
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