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To answer DEA.
First, thank you for posting, and thank you for making it clear that you too can get fooled.
The removal from the retailer list that I was suggesting is not something that would be done lightly. It would really suck to be removed because some kid lied to you or got a buddy to lie for them.
You, as a retailer, can only do so much. You can check the original buyer, but what happens later is out of your hands and not your fault. It cant be your fault.
If, however, a retailer became infamous for selling directly to minors (and there was documented proof of that), then I'd support a removal.

Still, it was not a practical idea; nobody can really check over a retailer's shoulder.

I just wish all newbies, of any age, would bother to read the Information section instead of doing anything stupid, but that has not happened yet.
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