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Sure there are responsible kids. Nizfiz you forgot though all of us were once one. A child who is under 18 is not responsible for there own actions. The responsiblity falls on teh parents. So if johnny dumb ass goes to an airsoft game and does something stupid its his parents fault not his. If he goes into the street and gets shot it makes us look bad. Child with replica weapon is killed by police makes an awesome headline. As a kid you think your invincible and i know this cus i was one not to long ago. It wasnt until i joined the army and mangled the living shit out of my spine did i realise how wrong that was. I can remeber when i was younger firing traveling moon whistlers out of dollar store guns at eachother. Guess what people do stupid shit.

Edit> Greylocks clearly stated an airsoft gun falls under replica status and you gotta be 18 to own one or have the owner with you. READING IS A SKILL.
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