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I have no doubt this threat could continue like it has been for another 6 pages! So just to get imput from a retailer! In regards to the initial issue of this thread. I have been doing this a very long time. I can tell you 100% speaking for us (members of Airsoft Alliance Canada, which consist of Double Edge, Rangers and M-1), that we have very strick rules set in place to ensure any airsoft we sell don't fall into the hands of minors. Dispite these rules, and safegaurds, has this happened to us.. absolutely! Will it happen again? I'm sure it will. The realality of it is, that if someone 16, or 17 wants one, they will get one. Being mostly an online seller, I'm sure they have friends over 18 that will do the transaction for them. There is only so much we can do as retailers. Now, I assure you that we do take it very seriously, and do our absolute best to prevent this, but it does happen, and there are ways around it no matter how you go about it. As for younger teens, then yes, we also have parents that purchase these for there children. We do speak with the parents, we do our best to make sure they realize the responsibility they are undertaking, and what happens after that, is completely out of our control. And yes, we have even refused to sell our products to legal parents/gaurdians in a few circumstances where it was very clear there would NOT be any responsibility taken by that parent/gaurdian.

We have had online credit card fraud! We have had people lie to us, produce false ID's, ect..... If you look at the over-all big picture, I'm sure you will find that we as a Canadian market, does very well. If you take the total airsoft sales over the period of one year in the Canadian market, and then the percentage of minors getting their hands on these products, I would guess it would be a VERY, low number (My guess would be in the 1% - 3% range, and it's just my GUESS - unproven.. opinion).

Although I can't say 100%, I can say with confidence that the majority of other ESTABLISHED retailers from what I have seen over the past 4 or 5 years in our market are also very responsible in this area, and for sure do their part to minimize this from happening. I of course speak of the retailers that have proven themselves, and actually run their company as a serious business (Tru, Spec Arms, 007, Rangers, M-1 ect..).

Again, just had to get something in here from an actual retailer. Just my personal opinion, coupled with my experiance of selling for the past 5+ years. As for the rest of the issues in this thread that have evolved...... Not even going to go there
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