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Originally Posted by Greylocks
Fluffy and others. The primary problem here is underage players who decide to break the rules. They tend to whine the most too.

If a 16 year old teenager does the following; gets parental consent, gets parental direct supervision, has his/her parents buy and retain property of the guns at all other times, there is NO problem. Those guys DO play, they have no problems at all.

See, all I was asking is why some clubs refuse to do this.

Sammy, your scenarios are much more likely to happen when a kid (who bought an AEG regardless of any of you, it does happen) isn't given proper instruction about the safety of using/transporting it. And now many of you are going to say "but it's common sense" or "let the parent's teach the kid"

What may seem like common sense to you and I is because we're involved in it. Ignorance doesn't mean the kid is stupid, it means he's uninformed.

What if it's a single mother or something, who in her mind bought her kid a toy? She wants to participate in the consent and supervision of her child as she would during any "physical" or "potentially dangerous" event. But as far as airsoft goes, she herself doesn't know or care about it at all. This is not the person we want teaching them how to use/transport their gun.

A lot of you seem to think that I'm saying to "give all the kids a gun who wants one" or "make it legal for kids". Frankly I couldn't care less, it doesn't matter to me if I'm shooting someone who is 14 or 41.

If a kid starts playing airsoft in a park with his friends because one of us shut the door on his face the day before, whoever it may have been is in no position to whine or complain about the outcome.

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