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Fluffy and others. The primary problem here is underage players who decide to break the rules. They tend to whine the most too.

If a 16 year old teenager does the following; gets parental consent, gets parental direct supervision, has his/her parents buy and retain property of the guns at all other times, there is NO problem. Those guys DO play, they have no problems at all.
What we see here the most are kids who dont do any of this.

We see kids who manage to lie to get a gun, then expect us to welcome them with open arms. If we dont, we're big meanies and they scream they will go play anywhere they want. Those are the kids I have a problem with. They shove their problems on the back of someone else and get off with a slap on the wrist.

Adults who do the same? Yeah, there's a fair amount of those too. I have a super simple solution for that; 911. Let the legally allowed experts deal with them. They cope with the consequences of their own screw ups.

Now can all of you kids TRY to follow the existing rules AND play instead of trying to find loopholes? If you follow the rules, there will be NO PROBLEM.
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