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Okay; IIRC Canadian gun laws prohibit gun sales to minors (if not the guns, then at least the ammunition). No ifs, ands or buts.

"Willingness to learn" is a trait that is very easy to put to the forefront. Put effort into something you're going to spend several hundred dollars into. Don't as stupid questions and don't bitch back. It's that simple. I'm still a noob, but I don't talk back to people, especially if they're offering helpful information.

Whereas.. Almost every single day ASC is flooded with stupid questions like 'Wot Am Best Gun!?11' and 'Can I import from USA???'. You'd think that if you're buying a hundred dollars or more for a gun that you could at LEAST check if it's going to make it into the country. Even the caveat emptor of not guaranteeing the item arriving in Canada should make one wonder.

And as far as turning people away at the door; I reinterate. The youth of today are on the whole, stupid and untrustworthy. I don't like painting the picture, but unfortunately it gets painted by itself. I don't mind the fact that airsoft is turning away possibly the one good person in the crowd of morons (if he was a good airsofter he'd probably actually follow the advice and procure the guns when he's actually of age to do it), it not only protects airsoft's future, but weeds out the morons and gangstas as they'll probably take up something more unsavory in the meantime.
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