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Vipamave wrote:
Theres the chinese FOBs who think they are all powerful and mighty.

and then....

Theres the brown gangster-wannabes
Lots of FOB and brown gangs here (specifically chinese and east-indian, I already know of 6 within Milliken Mills High via a conversation with the principle, K. Merryweather)

Racism or not, I (nor anyone else I know) have not been threatened with "This guy wants to get shot" by a white kid (Even the spoiled ones that own an airsoft pistol). Could just be this area (Where caucasian students are a minority) but even when I lived back in the US (where caucasian students are the majority), very little gang-related violence was evident.
You may be right that around your area there's a problem, but to lump all brown or chinese people under one "gangster" wannabes is just wrong. I think you should really rethink what you are saying here. Color of skin, race doesn't matter period.
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