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Originally Posted by Greylocks

Want to drink booze, do drugs, drive, or whatever? Go for it. But I wont supply you with the means to do it. So stop asking us to allow you to do something illegal. It's rude on your part and unfair to all the other folks here.
Getting back to my original position from several hours ago (sorry, work). What I was asking before that I think may have encouraged nizfiz a bit was that which do you guys see as worse, having to play alongside all of these so called "immature" minors, possibly even taking one under your proverbial wing as you would any other noob, or sending him away to find some other form of "fun" that he can have with his new $400 toy.

And if you guys really want to bring drinking and drugs and driving into it, sure why not.

Would you prefer there to be an organization (CAA and affiliates) that takes 14 year old kids with their learner's permits or whatever the hell it is now and teaches them to drive by instructing them and working with them. Or do you think it would be better to hand them the manual and the keys and say "Have fun!"

And would you prefer that there were organizations (AADAC, schools...etc) that could talk to teens about drinking and drugs before or while they take them. People to educate them about the possible problems and hazards associated with alcohol and drugs. Or do you think it would be better to just stick to the 18+ rules in liquor stores and just turn a blind eye to some dousche who happens to boot for some minors.

Personally if "society" thinks that it's ok to give 16 year old kids CARS! I don't think even the "danger" of airsoft is anywhere close to the destructive power of a vehicle.

And what's this crap about voting? They aren't 18 so they can't vote, fair enough, but comparitively according to your arguements (to clarify, not directly but when used in this circumstance) they shouldn't have anything to do with politics at all either??

A good friend of mine (who is now 19 and plays airsoft as much as I do) was a competitive speed shooter at 16!!! With Real Guns!!!!! yet according to all of you assuming he was still the same age he wouldn't be allowed to play with Fake Guns!!! because you all decided so?

Anyways that's about all I've got and I'm sorry if I anger anyone, I'm just trying to open your minds a little since you all seem dead set on your case.
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