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Originally Posted by GraveTech
By setting the age limit we are restricting the number of stupid incidences that occur, thus limiting bad exposure.
Sorry GT, but to present another point of view here... (not saying you are wrong either), but if an "adult" gets dumb... then airsofters as a whole look bad.... and feeds the publics perception that we are war loving nutcases. At leats when a minor does it... it can be chalked up to "immaturity".

I understand the argument that if they were truly mature they could wait the additional years but there's a number of individuals who are well beyond the 'legal' age involved that are buying for themselves and don't deserve to own a water pistol let alone an airsoft gun. No verification system is going to prevent those morons from getting their hands on guns.
tsuru, you hit the nail head on! Becoming 18 is not a right of passage - it's merely a number that our society has lumped on itself to be able to make people legally accountbale to itself - for the purposes of prosecutions, lawsuits, etc, when people do dumb things. As I've said in a previous thread, you can stay home alone at 12, run away from home at 14, quit school and start driving at 16, etc - all before you become 18. Personally, I'm more afraid of some kid driving "daddy's" car than a kid with an airsoft gun.

To put it another way, is a man who uses an airsoft gun to rob a bank anymore mature than a kid of 12 years old? Who would you be more concerned with? What about the guy the Toronto police shot in the hospital emerg? Would you abdicate giving him an airsoft gun because he's over 18? No, because he's mentally unstable? Perhaps, but you'd need to get to know him to be able to say that. Same goes for young people, you can't group all of the minors together when you don't know them. I know a player that is under 18, and not only is he mature, I've seen him be a real pain to the opposing team at games! There is no maturity scale to measure a persons level of mental fitness on.

Oh, how about being able to join the military at 16 now?? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we use "real steel" in th CF?

I'm not for or against action of any kind to the retailers, I'm only trying to present an alternate viewpoint.
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