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Ok this is kind of getting ridiculous. You know with all these nifty new ways to weed out a couple of minors, we end up causing ourselves more trouble just to prevent a tiny fraction of bad. You know what this all sounds like......our government with it's gun control BS. All these efforts and are they really helping....yes they do here and there where it is obvious like buying on ASC but that is really as far as you're gonna get in stopping minors from getting guns.

Another thing I don't see is, what's the big deal?? I want someone to tell me when the last time you heard a Canadian news report of a minor who took a mainstream airsoft gun into public and either shot people or caused a huge disturbance and poilice were called and full blown airsoft was announced......

I know most younger people are idiots, but being 18 isn't your key too maturity. I've heard more instances of 18-25 year olds being involved in REAL airsoft relate bullshit.

This "problem" has seemed to have done some healing on it's own thanks to all retailers though. Ever notice how pretty much every one of them has stopped selling cheap springers and most EBB's? Those would post the most threat out of any other for being so cheap.

Seriously, I think this age verification is quite good enough. It works all around for the most of people. Minors have a next to immposible time getting cheap guns off this site and retailers arn't fucked over by this system by losing sales to legit adults who don't want to bother with it.
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