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You're slow... It already IS illegal for a minor to own a Replica, or use one, without the legal owner present.

What you are also extremely slow to understand is the concept of Legal Responsibility. The is the entire set of Laws that allow you to take upon yourself the results of your actions, good or bad.
Until you are 18, like it or not, you are shoving the consequences of ALL your actions onto someone else. Think that's fair?

So get your parents involved, really involved, in person. That is the only way you'll do anything for now.

Another clue, hopefully the last one... when about FOUR pages of replies tell you the same thing, maybe there's something to get from it? Like a hint that you are wrong and should learn?

Right now my best suggestion for you, if you want to play anywhere, is to step back, stop typing, read the rules, and follow them.
Those like you who have read and followed those rules play today. The others are gone.
It's your choice, so show some of that wonderful maturity you claim to have and do what's right.
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