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Originally Posted by nizfiz
I never argued that airsoft should be made legal for minors to buy, I believe the current system is effective (if it works the way it's supposed to). It gives minors who are responsible enough a chance to play anyway. I was simply arguing against the full outlawing of airsoft for minors.
Stick to one argument, and not flip-flop. You go from stating that minors should be allowed to play, which they are, then you start talking about how its not illegal for minors to own airsoft, and to own, one must somehow aquire. You then argue that minors should be allowed to play.

Pick one argument and stick with it, don't try to reverse yourself when you've lost. Accepting defeat is a mark of maturity, which you claim to have.

Technically speaking, a minor cannot own an BB.Airsoft gun, because IINM, it is illegal for them to either purchase one, or to have one transfered to them.

I can understand asking for age verification on this forum and msot retailers. However, if some kids under 18 have AEGs that's none of your business as long as they didn't do it by lying. You can try to make it difficult but you can't take the law into your own hands and prevent kids from owning AEGs. What are the laws on ownership? I know in some parts of the US you have to be atleast 14 or 16 in other places but you can't stop me or some other teen from owning an airsoft gun.
That was your first post. There you stated that, "you can't stop me or some other teen from owning an airsoft gun". Given the title of the thread it would imply that you were initially arguing that minors can and should be able to purchase AS.

PS - Stop editing your msgs immediatly after you post tthem, makes it much harder to reply to the post.
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