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I never argued that airsoft should be made legal for minors to buy, I believe the current system is effective (if it works the way it's supposed to). It gives minors who are responsible enough a chance to play anyway. I was simply arguing against the full outlawing of airsoft for minors.

To greylocks (and others):

I don't want to play illegally, I don't do or want to do drugs, I am not promoting illegal behaviour in teens. I realise some of you may have understood that since this argument has gotten so long. I am simply arguing what I stated above in this post. Earlier in this thread people said airsoft should be outlawed for all minors, all my arguments were simply disagreeing with that. What happened in the later posts is I was defending everything I said so the initial message was taken out of context.

I realize that I will have to wait 2 years to be fully accepted in this community but in the mean time, I'm trying to disuade people from this idea of banning airsoft for minors. Some people said that minors shouldn't be allowed to play, I simply think that is unfair.
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