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nizfiz, reality check time.

You just said it; they will do Illegal things. Why should we encourage them to do something illegal in the first place?

Let me tell you something from the perspective of the other extreme of the age group.
No, we cant stop kids from doing illegal things. If they want to break laws, they eventually will.
But we dont have to support them in their illegal activities either.

There ARE ways for under-18 to play, if they bother to follow a few rules.

My question to you is; who the heck do you think gets blamed the first if shit happens? The kid? The retailer? The gaming-land owner? Another player? Or the oldest looking person there?

What you are doing is laying your problems on the back of others and saying they should bend over to accomodate you. Well too flipping bad, wont happen.

Want to drink booze, do drugs, drive, or whatever? Go for it. But I wont supply you with the means to do it. So stop asking us to allow you to do something illegal. It's rude on your part and unfair to all the other folks here.

When you can take legal responsibility for yourself, inculding the consequences of your actions, then you can do what you want.

Until then, just like voting... wait. It wont kill you. Or maybe you can read about the legal ways you can play instead? Want to talk about legal responsibilities? Cool, just dont lay them on us.
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