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First, I'd like to clear up the whole drug bit that people keep tearing me apart for.

I said that teens are often tempted by things that are 'forbidden' to them. I followed that by saying, if you outlaw airsoft for minors, the bad ones will start to seek it for it's 'rebel' appeal. This would lead to more bad behaviour with airsoft guns, as opposed to kids legally playing on a field. I don't think the media and the "GTA soccer moms" as you guys call them will care if an crime with a BB gun was due to a teen posessing it illegally, they will still want to bring airsoft down.

Second, if you can't sue me but have to sue my parents what difference does that make. If your case against me is strong, you should win the suit anyway. Again, my parent's problem not yours.

Finally, saying "16 year olds can do crack" does not show me to be immature. Adults can do crack too and it's illegal. It was taken out of context to make me look bad, if you read my re-re-stated argument above you'll see why I said it.

EDIT: What does all of this have to do with teens shouldn't be able to airsoft. Why sould teens not be able to airsoft in a safe setting? I don't understand what people's problem is with playing with teens.
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