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lol, I almost consider myself someone who fights for fairness. Everyone one here is against me and that offers a great oppurtunity to try and defend my point of view. I'll admit it's been hard since I'm being hit on all sides but I'm trying to convince people here that teens are not fundamentally bad. I am walking on eggshells here, everyone is ready to pounce on me and tear me to shreads. I'd like to know what percentage of airsofters have kids since I cannot believe they'd say that about their own children. If you start saying my parents' trust in me is misplaced then you are really overstepping your boundries. That's an insult, my parents brought me up properly and I assure they will show up to a game and say it's fine for me to play. But at 16 they shouldn't be expected to watch my every move. I get the impression based on the things people say here that they don't have kids, and in that case you have no right to be judging them.

nizfiz wrote:
Minors can't buy cigarettes but they can smoke.

nizfiz wrote:
I never said that. 16 year olds cannot do crack, they can own an airsoft gun according to the law.

That makes sense to me. Cigarettes are not illegal, crack is. Also, you're nitpicking bits of my argument from different posts and putting it together to give a wrong impression.
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