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Originally Posted by nizfiz

You said illegal to buy under 18 where does it say to own? Minors can't buy cigarettes but they can smoke. As for the mummy and daddy being responsible for under 18, I completely agree and I stated it earlier but I'll repeat for you. Then, it is up to the parents to deem whether or not their child is responsible enough to participate in the activity. I went over what airsoft is with my parents completely, they wouldn't just let me go out and do something they know nothing about.
You can argue "mummy and daddy say I'm responsible" until you're blue in the face, but in the eyes of the law until you turn 18, you remain your parents' responsibility. Any shit that you incur will ultimately end up in their lap.

Moreover, this up-and-coming generation is characterized by parents who spoil their children, are often afraid to discipline them, and in general allow their offspring to run amok. What kind of legitimacy does this give any parental label of 'my child is responsible, trust him'.

What exactly are you trying to prove with this misguided crusade? Moreover, are you a masochist who enjoys manoeuvering "through the eggshells of the Airsoft Canada community"?

Originally Posted by nizfiz
Minors can't buy cigarettes but they can smoke.
Originally Posted by nizfiz
I never said that. 16 year olds cannot do crack, they can own an airsoft gun according to the law.

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