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Originally Posted by Goldman
Perhaps parents should take some interest in what their children are doing, then maybe, just maybe some of this stupid shit will stop?

The truth is with a lot of retailers, they are more interested in funds then the policies they claim to enforce. I mean, there is some SERIOUS hypocrasy that is VERY easily seen if someone took 15 sec. to look. I supopse what i'm trying to say is that this has been discussed many times, and threats have been made to "outcast" retailers that do no abide to the 18 + rule, however nothing has ever actually been done, nor will it ever by this specific "community".


Also, airsoft is NOT currently illegal for under 18s whereas drugs, alcohol etc are
Lets see.

The Imitation Firearms Act passed by the province of Ontario prohibits the sale of bb guns, and imitations (IIRC) to minors. Do you think CanTire has all those 18+ stickers just for window dressing

Also, the issue of being 18+ isn't only about maturity, which I would say you lack. However its also about legal culpability. At 18+ you can be arrested, sued etc, as such you are actually responsible for your actions, not mumsy and dadsy.

Instead of attacking GraveTech, why not actually think your own argument through?
You said illegal to buy under 18 where does it say to own? Minors can't buy cigarettes but they can smoke. As for the mummy and daddy being responsible for under 18, I completely agree and I stated it earlier but I'll repeat for you. Then, it is up to the parents to deem whether or not their child is responsible enough to participate in the activity. I went over what airsoft is with my parents completely, they wouldn't just let me go out and do something they know nothing about.

As for that bit where you said I'm not mature, may I ask why? Most people say I'm extremely mature for my age. I tend to spend my time with older people at parties, club activities, and all my interests (like rocketry mentioned above) have very few kids involved. Maybe my interests in more mature activities is my problem but I can't change that. I don't like paintball because I find it too kiddy and almost 'amature' compared to airsoft. I also have a full-time summer job at a private golf course dealing with members, which I've had since I turned 15. Please state your reasons for calling me immature as I see it as an attack on myself.

Hold on, are you arguing that since 16 year olds can do crack, they can play airsoft?
I never said that. 16 year olds cannot do crack, they can own an airsoft gun according to the law. I was arguing that IF you make airsoft illegal for under 18s you will just make it more appealing to those who wish to break the rules. The same way drugs, alcohol etc. tempt teens because they are illegal.
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