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Originally Posted by nizfiz
the majority of our 16-17 year olds AREN'T mature enough to handle airsoft
How can you say that. Do you have a study? The squeeky wheel gets the grease, that's why you hear about teens doing dumb things. Can you imagine how messed up the world would be if ALL teens were doing this crap. The other thing I think you don't understand is that if you make it illegal, kids will just want it more. Someone brought up alcohol. I'm sorry but 16 year olds drink, do pot, crack and far worse things. Making airsoft illegal for kids will just attract them to it because it's 'forbidden' and then they'll do dumb things with them.
Why don't you just try giving kids a place to play, why is it you don't want kids on airsoft fields? You've made it clear that kids do dumb things in public and that might ruin the sport but how does this have anything to do with banning them from airsoft fields? Can someone please answer that question?

Hold on, are you arguing that since 16 year olds can do crack, they can play airsoft?

The general rules and practices didn't just come out of thin air you know. There are players and hosts on this site, who have been playing since before you were born, and they were the, for lack of better words "trailblazers" that raised the community. The current ruleset IIRC was set by folks like Poncho, who hosted and played some of the earliest games in Canada(Well Ontario anyway).

These rules were put in place through practical experience, and as per my previous post, those under 18 still aren't culpable for their actions, and so the rule exists.
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