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Perhaps parents should take some interest in what their children are doing, then maybe, just maybe some of this stupid shit will stop?

The truth is with a lot of retailers, they are more interested in funds then the policies they claim to enforce. I mean, there is some SERIOUS hypocrasy that is VERY easily seen if someone took 15 sec. to look. I supopse what i'm trying to say is that this has been discussed many times, and threats have been made to "outcast" retailers that do no abide to the 18 + rule, however nothing has ever actually been done, nor will it ever by this specific "community".


Also, airsoft is NOT currently illegal for under 18s whereas drugs, alcohol etc are
Lets see.

The Imitation Firearms Act passed by the province of Ontario prohibits the sale of bb guns, and imitations (IIRC) to minors. Do you think CanTire has all those 18+ stickers just for window dressing

Also, the issue of being 18+ isn't only about maturity, which I would say you lack. However its also about legal culpability. At 18+ you can be arrested, sued etc, as such you are actually responsible for your actions, not mumsy and dadsy.

Instead of attacking GraveTech, why not actually think your own argument through?
Maybe you'll find someone else to help you. Maybe black mesa... THAT WAS A JOKE, ha ha, fat chance.

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