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Well you redid your post so I'll redo mine. I did not say to legalize drugs and alcohol, again you are manipulating my words. If you deny that teens like what is 'forbidden' then I don't know what to say. Also, airsoft is NOT currently illegal for under 18s whereas drugs, alcohol etc are. You're arguments are all based on false premises so I won't bother to make new ones. For all those reading, you can jsut go back and see my previous arguments and read them for what they are.

I agree with you that responsible kids come from responsible parents. However, when I got into the hobby of rocketry, my parents supported me and drove me there but they were not holding my hand and watching the entire time. They would leave after dropping me off. They weren't that interested, which is fine but that doesn't mean that I couldn't participate responsibly. My parents aren't huge about guns and airsoft but they trust me to be responsible and as a result have given me permission to play and buy an AEG.
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